"Thou art the Great Cat, the avenger of the gods, and the judge of words, and the president of the sovereign chiefs and the governor of the holy Circle; thou art indeed... the Great Cat."

Inscription on a royal tomb at Thebes, Egypt

"Whoever kills a cat in Egypt is condemmed to death, whether he committed this crime deliberately or not. The people gather and kill him. An unfortunate Roman, who had accidentally killed a cat, could not be saved, either by King Ptolemy of Egypt or by the fear which Rome inspired."

from Diodorus Siculus

On Friday, April 20, 2001, Gov. Parris N. Glendening signed a bill officially naming the calico cat Maryland's state cat.




Cats in Art





  1. Egypt: detail of Ra - sun god in form of a cat ca.1300BC, tomb painting

  2. Roman mosaic

  3. Medieval manuscript illustration

  4. 3 cats with a rat 13th Century English Bestirary - more

  5. Cornelis Visscher: The Large Cat c.1658

  6. Edward Topsell - Of the Cat from "The History of Four-Footed Beastes" woodengraving 1658

  7. Jean Baptise Simeon Chardin Still Life With Cat And Fish 1728 oil painting

  8. William Hogarth: detail of cat from The Graham Children 1742 oil painting

  9. Francisco Goya: detail from Don Manuel Osorio de Zuniga 1787 oil painting

  10. Anonymous: Cat's Head aka Enormous Cat Head late 19th century American painting

  11. Edouard Manet (French, 1832-1883) Le rendez-vous des chats aka The Cats' Rendezvous 1868 lithograph

  12. Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Woman with a Cat c.1875

  13. Pierre Bonnard: The White Cat 1894

  14. Félix Vallotton: La Paresse (Laziness) 1896 woodcut

  15. Cecilia Beaux: Man with a Cat (Henry Sturgis Drinker) 1898 oil painting

    detail of 13

  16. Theophile Alexandre Steinlen: Turn of the Black Cat poster ca.1898

  17. Theophile Alexandre Steinlen: Les chats 1910 oil painting

  18. Marc Chagall: Paris Through the Window 1913 oil painting

  19. Pablo Picasso: Wounded Bird and Cat 1938 oil painting

  20. Xu B eihong (China, 1895-1953) Cat ca.1940s

  21. Sigmund Abeles: Self-Portrait with Cats 1965 etching

  22. Will Barnet: Woman with a White Cat 1971 serigraph

  23. William Kentridge: Sleeping Cat 2001 etching & sugar-lift

  24. Frank: sketch of cat 2006











Gatti e Arte


Chats en Vrac
Les Arts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Die Katze in der Kunst



    Cat Headed Beigns
    Bast, Protector of Cats...
    Cats and Dogs
    Cat and Dog Fight
    Cat Mummy, 305BC-1AD
    Cat Mummies
      mask 1  |  mask 2
    Preserved for Posterity
    Roman Ancient Mosaics
      Cat and Ducks  |  2 | 3 | 4


    Medieval Bestiary     Cat Gallery
    Celtic   Cat Gargoyle, 12thC, Ireland
    The Aberdeen Bestiary
    Manuscript: Panqur Ban


    Albrecht Durer: Adam and Eve, 1505
    Leonardo de Vinci:
      Child Playing with a Cat, 1470s
      Study of Cat Movements.., 1513-15

• 17th & 18th CENTURIES:

    Thomas Gainsborough:
      6 Studies of Cat, 1765-70, chalk

• 19th CENNTURY:

    Harry Eliott: La voix du sang ca. 1850-1900
    Edouard Manet:
      Olympia detail 1863
      The Cats, 1869, etching
    Henriette Ronner-Knip (1821-1909)
      page of cat studies
    Theophile Alexandre Steinlen (1859-1923)
      poster: Tournee du Chat Noir
      litho of 2 cats: calico and black
      Seated Angora Cat c. 1900, bronze
    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)
    May Belfort, 1895 (lithograph)
    unknown artist:
      Cat and Kittens 1872    

• 20th CENTURY:

    Sigmund Abeles:
      My Son and his Cat Orville 2006, pastel
      Self Portrait
      Therese Revant
      Girl and Cat
      Le Chat au Miroir I
      Le Chat au Miroir II
      Le Chat de la Méditerranée 1947
    Fernando Botero: Cat on a roof, 1978
    Thomas Hart Benton:
      Cats, Martha's Vineyard, c.1925
    Guido Daniele   Gray cat   Red cat 1   2
      hand painting art
    Gwen John: Le Chat 1905-08
    Kirchner: Kater Bobby 1924/26
    Paul Klee: Cat and Bird
    Franz Marc:
      Three Cats, 1913, oil
      Cat on a Yellow Pillow
      Two Cats
    Sal Meijer (1877-1965)
      cat on chair
    Ana Maria Pacheco: A Modern Bestiary

      Le Chat 1942, etching
    Henri Rousseau: Pierrelote
    Nicholas Tarkhoff (1871-1930):
      Chat sur fond rouge ca. 1907/8


    Franck: Balthus a Rossiniere, Suisset | 2
    Diana O. Hanshaw: Cat and Dog Photo Gallery
      "Jo" WWII Navy Mascot
    Steve Schapiro: Truman Capote with Cat


    Hokusai: Lady Holding a Cat, c.1810
    Dehong Chen: Oriental Cats


    Cat Gargoyle


    Cats Depicted in Art
        PAGE 1:
        • Egypt (bronze cat) 600BC
        • Islamic (incense burner) 11/12th C
        • Egypt (wall painting) 1450 BC
        • Venetian Birth of Virgin 1480
        • Vermeyen Holy Family 1550
        • Alexandre-Francois Desportes:
            Cat Attacking Dead Games 1700
        • Jan Steen Cat's Dancing 17th C
        PAGE 2:
        • Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire:
            Two Lion Cubs 19th Century
        • William Home Lizars:
            Angora Cat 1836
        • Japanese Sleeping Cat 1850
        • Hiroshige Cat In A Window 1858
        • Pierre-Auguste Renoir:
            Julie Manet with Cat 1867
        • Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen:
            Lait pur Seérilisé 1894
        • Toko Cat 19th Century
        • Kuniyoshi Cat & Goldfish 19th C
        • Pierre Bonnard Cat 1903
        PAGE 3:
        • Louis Wain (1860-1939) illustration
        • Pablo Picasso The Bath 1905
        • Auguste Andre Lancon:
            Daniel in Der Lowengrube 1913
        • John Sloan:
            Greenwich Village Backyards 1914
        • Gerhard Marcks Cats 1921
        • Paul Klee Idol for House Cats 1924
        • Mordi Gassner, Lions 1936
        • Pablio Picasso Cat and Bird 1939
        • Will Barnet Woman and Cats 1962
        • Max Kahn Cat Walk
        PAGE 4:
        • David Hockney A Black Cat Leaping 1969
        • Sadanobu Hasegawa Cat 1970
        • Robert Nelson Invisible Cat Seated 1975
        • Neumeier (poster) 1983

      Ronald Searle: Hairy & Confused
      Saul Steinberg: All to Human
        Gjon Mili's cat Blackie
        Saul Steinberg sketch
        Steinberg sketchbook page
      Blacker than the Night
        Arthur Rackham illustration
        The Black Cat movie poster
      Animalarium - cats
      Love in black and white
      Millions of Cats
        title page
        photograph of Wanda
      Antique Treasure Chest
        French Medieval manuscript
      Animalarium - cats
    Calico cat pictures
    cat prints
    Cats & Kikttens Illustrations
    Cats in the Arts
    The History of Feline Art
    kot w sztuce i ilustr.
    Olga's Gallery: "cat" search








Saul Steinberg sketches
Cat, All Too Human




The Sleep of Reason
Produces Monsters


etching with aquatint
Francisco José de Goya


"'Imagination abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters; united with her, she is the mother of the arts," wrote Goya in the subtitle of his etching The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. Imagination, its origins and its limits, fascinated Goya and permeated his work..."

goya tondo
detail: The Sleep of Reason...

"... Goya's illness, perhaps saturnism caused by toxic fumes from lead salts in the paint he used, brought chronic headaches and permanent hearing loss. Overcome with pessimism, isolated, and traumatized, he created his own aesthetic, turning personal demons into deadly universal themes and painting horrific fantasies laced with caustic social commentary...

...Along with the bizarre, he painted the comical, along with darkness, bright light. As a result, his images provoke at once fear and delight, sadness and ghoulish mirth... Goya's imagination, without abandoning reason, harnessed the supernatural into a troubling display of the unconscious and the irrational."


Francisco de Goya
self portrait with doctor arrieta
"Self-Portrait with Doctor Arrieta" 1820


"Cat Fight" (1786-88) 1.40 m x 4.38 m
model for a tapestry intended to decorate
the dining room of the Prince of Asturias
Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain
Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes


"Animals, embodying human weaknesses, social tension, tragedy, the premonition of death, or some other insidious danger, appear repeatedly on a stage of constant hostility and conflict. At their most menacing, they exercise extraordinary powers and influence. In Cat Fight (see above), ... bellicose cats, frozen in time, apropos of nothing, engage the spectator through pity and terror.

Perched it seems on the edge of the world against an eerie void, these wild creatures stand in electrifying anticipation of trouble. Puffed, curled, glowering, almost translucent against the airless, depthless, oppressive space, they have lost their natural self-directedness. Like marionettes in the hands of an expert puppeteer, they seem to float in fluorescent space, awaiting instructions for the next move in what is certain to be a bloody contest. The brilliant yellow and red highlights reinforce the dreamlike unreality of the scene..."



The Challenge, 1934 wood-engraving by Agnes Miller Parker

"A cat's rage is beautiful, burning with pure cat flame, all its hair standing up and crackling blue sparks, eyes blazing and sputtering."

William S. Burroughs



Ryo Suzuki's Cat: 'Imo'

Artist: Scattergood-Moore
(commissioned feline portrait)
Medium: charcoal drawing
Size: 30" wide x 22" high
Private collection, Boston, MA


press cursor over image
Evergood and Scattergood
Me and My Maine Coon Cat c. 1985

Artist: Scattergood-Moore
Medium: Ebony pencil on paper
Size: 14" high x 12" wide
(whereabouts unknown)

inspired by Philip Evergood's
lithograph, Me and My Dog 1961




Nanquan Kills the Cat

All 48 Koans with Commentaries



Wanda Wulz's self-portrait Io+gatto (I+cat; 1932)




The Cat That Went By Himself

after drawing by Rudyard Kipling.

Painters of Cats  |  The Collection



Arthur Rackham's The Black Cat

"The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales"
Source: Animalarium

Mr Korbes




The Broken Heart Tangram
Tangram | puzzles | links
Tangram Construction
Wikipedia | Commons
Tangram Puzzles
The Tangram

. . . a Chinese dissection puzzle consisting of seven pieces, called tans, which fit together to form a shape of some sort. The objective is to form a specific shape with seven pieces. The shape has to contain all the pieces, which may not overlap.



The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. 1881
BibliOdyssey - Anthropomorphic Trade Cards



Cat as Art ('09)   |   Cat as Art ('08)


Black Cat Woodcut




studio cat






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